I believe a positive values-based approach increases an organization's motivation and productivity.

Recently, behavioral scientists made a startling discovery: People are not motivated by rewards or punishment!

What motivates them? The intrinsic value of what they do. Human beings are hard-wired to be curious, creative and adaptive. When a company empowers its employees by supporting the drive to be creative and solution-driven, the employees are more motivated to go beyond performing well; they become innovative powerhouses. What is the bottom line to these companies? They increase their profits and lower employee turnover! And the effect is long term, as the employees grow into their empowerment.

So how do you reach this state? Real Results can help you on your journey to empowerment, working with your front-line managers up to your executives to help them learn the secrets of managing to empower.

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Management Classes

The world is shrinking fast, and you don’t have the luxury of managing the way “we’ve always done it”! To compete in this Global economy, you need to attract and retain top talent to perform ever-increasingly creative and innovative work. The old carrot and stick method of managing has become largely ineffective in motivating talented employees. 

Real Results helps your managers and executives develop a more effective management style that incorporates coaching techniques and leadership tendencies to retain, motivate, and inspire your most precious asset: your employees!

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Team Coaching

Don’t just manage your teams; coach them to be self-managed & high performing! For a team to be high-performing, it must be carefully crafted, given a compelling reason to work together, and nurtured through its forming and storming stages. Whereas managers and traditional team leads do their best with the little time they can devote to team dynamics, nothing beats a team coach for getting teams to high-productivity.

We work with leadership teams, cross-functional teams and project teams to greatly streamline the ‘Storming’ phase to quickly get to high-performance. We use proven coaching techniques and Agile methodology where appropriate.

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