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I believe we each create our own success and happiness based upon how purposefully we live.

What is Coaching and why should you be interested?

Oprah attributes some of her success to her Life Coach.  Andre Agassi, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman tout the impact their life coaches have on their well-being and success.  Many executives depend on their coaches to ensure they are being the best leaders they can be.  What exactly are they talking about?

For many people, coaching is a life changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving their leadership skills. Coaches believe their clients have their own best answer locked inside, so they don’t counsel or advise.  Instead, coaches help people tap into their unknown potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity to reach and sustain greater levels of success.  Coaches are completely impartial, accepting and respectful of their clients, and their main objective is the success of the client.

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What is Coaching about?

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Coaching Increases Clarity

It's often hard to see what's right in front of our nose.  Part of the job of a coach is to hold a mirror up to the client to help them see their life through a new perspective.

Here's an example:  a new look at Work/Life Balance that may change the way you think of that conundrum:  Balance Your Life Report.pdf

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How does coaching work?

The idea behind coaching is that we each have a core of knowing within us, the answers to what makes us successful, how to overcome obstacles, and how to increase our well-being throughout our life.  However, with the rigors of our lives and the chaos that surrounds us, we have trouble accessing that wisdom and tend to feel stuck, forget the meaning in our life or even worse, spiral into negativity.

A coach is an objective, caring person who partners with you to explore what will increase and sustain your well-being as you navigate through life.  Together you will create your own unique recipe for success, leading to sustainable transformation.  You will examine what holds you back, and establish new pathways that serve you better, creating habits that will sustain your learning.

Coaching is holistic, meaning it covers all areas of your life.  It starts from where you are now, and moves you towards where you want to be.  Not sure what that looks like?  Coaching also helps you define what is ideal for you, in all your life areas.

All meetings are confidential, the coach’s main concern being for your well-being, learning and success. 

Want to learn more about coaching?  Download this white paper based on information from the International Coach Federation:  Coaching benefits.pdf

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What Makes Coaching Work?

Coaching ‘grew’ from a variety of sources, starting with the Personal Motivation movement in the 1970’s.  Its roots include Philosophy, Organizational Development, Psychiatry, Human Resources and Sports Coaching. Experts from all these areas were discovering that most people don’t need therapy, they simply need help to discover what works uniquely for them to navigate through obstacles and to learn new, more supportive ways of being.  Coaching programs developed simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe, and blended together to create coaching as we know it today.

Neuroscientists are now validating why coaching is so effective:  it supports the way our minds work, enabling people to build new neural pathways, creating habits of success.  Neuroplasticity suggests that our minds continue to physically change as we learn, and when people are determined to achieve a goal, they can create new beliefs and habits that enable them to attain that goal.  Coaches help people to 1) clearly visualize the goal and 2) create the sustainable habits that enable them to reach that goal and others in the future.

Recent surveys show that 99% of coaching clients are satisfied with their results!

Is Coaching Right for You?

Not everyone can benefit from coaching.  Perhaps it is exactly what you need at this point in your life.  Or maybe you could benefit more from training or mentoring or even therapy.  Mostly, people who benefit from coaching are those who feel stuck and feel ready to make a change.  If your world view no longer works for you, often working with a coach will help ease your transition to a new world view.

Take a look at ICF's flowchart for what to do when you're stuck: FeelingStuck-1.pdf

Do you know your Life Purpose?

Once you do, much will become clear to you. Understanding your Purpose, what you value and what motivates you enables you to make decisions more easily (which one keeps me most on purpose?), create the career that will keep you satisfied, and make a lasting impact on the world.  We use the SUN Method to help you uncover your Life Purpose in our very first meeting.  We also unearth your values, what motivates you and your strengths, and help you create visions for the most important areas of your life.  By creating this foundation of who you are, and what you want, you can proceed with creating the successful habits that will help you map out how to reach your dreams while increasing your well-being.

What you can do right now

Contact us to set up your free 90-minute coaching meeting to experience for yourself the power of coaching!  Start a discussion today about how Real Results can help you achieve your goals: 

We are free to choose whatever way we want to be. I choose success and harmony. What will you choose?

Personal coaching: Discover the meaning and purpose that you’ve been looking for. We design a personal program unique to your dreams, needs and abilities. We’ll meet for 2 hours every other week in a schedule custom-fit your schedule over a period of 4-5 months. Click here to request a free coaching meeting to decide if this is for you.

Group Coaching: Use the wisdom of groups to find direction and meaning, sharing a journey of self-discovery and meaning! We’ll meet in the evening for 2 hours bi-weekly for 4 months. Click here to request more information on joining a coaching group.

Workshops and Retreats:

  • Balanced Life Retreat: 3 days in a beautiful beach house in the Outer Banks learning how to bring and maintain balance in your life. Discover your Life Purpose, start a mediation practice that increases your peace and energy, understand your body signals and learn present moment awareness in a peaceful and inspiring beach location. Must love dogs! Held in early spring
  • New Year New Vision Workshop: Instead of creating resolutions you’ll never keep, create a vision of the new year, and set yourself up to attain it. 3 hour interactive workshop held in January.
  • Ideal Life Careershop: Why just look for a job exactly like your last one? Instead, find out what will make you want to hop out of bed on Monday morning, eager to go to work! 4-hour workshop. 

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