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What is Coaching?

Oprah attributes some of her success to her Life Coach.  Andre Agassi, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman tout the impact their life coaches have on their well-being and success.  Many executives depend on their coaches to ensure they are being the best leaders they can be.  What exactly are they talking about?

For many people, coaching is a life changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving their leadership skills. Coaches believe their clients have their own best answer locked inside, so they don’t counsel or advise.  Instead, coaches help people tap into their unknown potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity to reach and sustain greater levels of success.  Coaches are completely impartial, accepting and respectful of their clients, and their main objective is the success of the client.

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 A Positive, Values-based Approach Increases Productivity

What motivates employees?  Positive Psychologists have discovered that people are motivated by the intrinsic benefits of doing creative work autonomously, becoming experts at what they do, and truly believing in what they do.  Human beings are hard-wired to be curious, creative and adaptive.  When a company empowers its employees by supporting the drive to be creative and solution-driven, the employees are more motivated to go beyond performing well; they become innovative powerhouses. Bottom Line: increased  profits and lower employee turnover! 

A proven approach to empower employees is to build a coaching culture into the management infrastructure.  Teaching executive and managers to understand and use coaching competencies to motivate and empower their employees yields dividends! 

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I want to change the world!

Are you interested in becoming a Coach?

Are you the kind of person that everyone talks to about their problems?  Do people often say to you, “You are such a good listener!”  Do you find yourself wanting a career that will make a difference in the world? 

The International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the largest and most influential regulatory organization for coaches, defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”* Coaching is a profession that makes a difference in the life of every client, and even in the lives of those that client touches.  It is a very fulfilling career for people who enjoy working with others and who want to make the world a better place.

If you are interested in coaching as a career, there are many things to consider before you start.  As with any career, approach it as informed as possible, so that you can make the right choice.

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